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INVERSUS Newsletter – August 9, 2017

It’s time for another edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter!

INVERSUS just got a whole lot bigger and it’s headed to Nintendo Switch™ this fall!


Last time we talked, I was working away on the 1.5 update. Then I started adding more content. Then I decided to add some more new features. I certainly wasn’t done adding more unlocks. And then I went and gave the whole thing a big visual upgrade. Looking back at the current game and what I had been building, I realized that it had become this giant beast of an update and just bumping the version number wasn’t enough. This needed a name!

INVERSUS Deluxe is still going to be a free update for all existing players and it will be the version of the game launching on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (more on the below!). Click play to check out the trailer!

Let’s talk details:

  • 12 new versus maps and 4 new arcade maps create a total of 50 unique maps for players to enjoy.
  • Test your skills in the new single-player versus mode by facing off against AI Bots that scale in difficulty from beginner to world-class player.
  • The addition of ranked online multiplayer rewards skill in both 1v1 and 2v2 games.
  • New real-time soft shadows and high definition materials add a depth and richness to the screen.
  • With the new split-shot ammo, players can fork bullets and shoot around corners.
  • Equipping new unlockable motion trails allow players to show off personality in the arena.

Nintendo Switch

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was announced, I’ve had people telling me how perfect INVERSUS would be on it. Today, I’m happy to officially announce that INVERSUS Deluxe is launching on Nintendo Switch and to officially confirm that it fits like a glove. The game controls great on everything from a single Joy-Con to a Pro Controller.

I was pleasantly surprised to find how well the game works for a portable console. Playing a round in arcade mode or challenging the AI in versus mode both hit that sweet spot for filling some time while you are out and about. On top of that, the game looks fantastic running at 1080p 60fps undocked.

The online experience works great on Nintendo Switch as well with full support for public matchmaking and private games with people on your friend list. I can’t wait to start competing for the top spot in the new ranked online multiplayer!

Demo Demo Demo

PAX West is coming up at the end of the month in Seattle. I’ll be there showing the game so come find me! I might even get some shirts printed up (if I can magically find the time to make that happen).

I also want to say thanks to everyone that’s come by at all the shows I’ve been at recently! INVERSUS made it’s way back to EVO this year and also got to make it’s first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con thanks to the Behemoth! It’s a privilege to get to meet all the players out there and it’s well worth getting sick almost every time despite how much hand sanitizer I try to use 🙂

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