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INVERSUS Newsletter – September 20, 2017

More news means it’s time for a new edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter!

Launch Schedule

Let’s get straight to it. INVERSUS Deluxe is launching on Nintendo Switch™ on September 28th and Xbox One on October 4th!

As you may recall, all of the current players on PlayStation 4 and Steam will be getting access to INVERSUS Deluxe as a free downloadable expansion. But when? The plan is to publish the Steam update alongside the Nintendo Switch launch on the 28th. The PS4 patch doesn’t have an exact date yet, but it will be in early November. I’ll be sure to send out a reminder once I have it locked in.

Feel free to share the news on twitter and anywhere else people pay attention to!

Community Tournaments

Have you checked out the official INVERSUS Discord server yet? It’s a great place to meet others for setting up matches or just getting tips to improve your game. It’s also now the central location for setting up community tournaments!

Starting this Friday we will be running a double elimination tournament for Steam players. Click here to sign up and enter the bracket! We are managing the tournament through a service called Challonge that automatically emails you and your opponent when you have a match available. After you sync up and play, you can log in, enter your results and then the tournament will progress. Head over to the #tournaments channel on Discord to meet your competitors, ask any questions or just follow along!

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