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INVERSUS: Sixish Years of Sales

Back in fall of 2018 I posted a breakdown of the first two years of INVERSUS sales that you can see here. It’s now spring of 2023, and while at GDC last week I had a few discussions with people about indie game business that touched on INVERSUS. In my mind, it was still doing okay for the type of game it is, but I wasn’t actually sure what the numbers were. A sharper business person would be on top of all of that along with graphing out how sales perform and so on, but my time has been focused on the next game. 😅

My guess was that INVERSUS had earned Hypersect about 500k after everyone else had taken their cut, but to my surprise the actual number as of Dec 31, 2022 (6.25 years after initial launch – switch came later) was about $630,000 USD. The year over year totals have certainly tapered off, but it’s still non zero (and I don’t spend much time optimizing sales).

I’m not sure what the actual gross number is (and don’t have the time to find out) but a hand wavey guess would be around $900,000 USD. It’s still not some bit hit, but for what it is, I can’t complain. I’ll shoot for a big hit with the next game. 😆

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