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INVERSUS Newsletter – February 16, 2017

For the full newsletter, click here! INVERSUS is headed to Xbox One with more maps, more power-ups and more ways to play! INVERSUS 1.5 The next update for INVERSUS is launching later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC! You heard that right. INVERSUS is finally headed to Xbox!!! The 1.5 edition is also going […]

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Rollback Networking in INVERSUS

INVERSUS is a fast-paced shared-screen multiplayer game for up to four players. It is the type of game that would traditionally be local-multiplayer, and for a long time I thought latency issues would make it a poor candidate for online. Late in development, I committed to adding online support with the mindset that a “playable but inferior” […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – October 19, 2016

Here’s the latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter! Today marks the third big INVERSUS update on Steam with version 1.3.0. The PS4 update will be coming soon after. Let’s dig into the highlights! Online Multiplayer Refined INVERSUS has competition at its core and today we’re making big strides towards getting players in matches more often and […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – Sep 16, 2016

Here’s the latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter! Lots of new features. Lots. INVERSUS has bee getting a steady stream of patches since it launched one month ago. Today marks the release of 1.2.0 on Steam. So what’s all this new stuff? Let’s start out with the 1.1.0 update that hit Steam and PS4 a couple […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – Aug 16, 2016

Here’s the latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter! The first newsletter I sent out was in August of last year. I’m happy to mark the anniversary by saying that INVERSUS is out now! Reviews are popping up left and right online. Destructoid gave it a 9.5! Grab a copy and tell your friends! Where to Buy […]

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Analog to Digital Input Translation

It’s common to use an analog input method (control stick, trigger button) to control a digital system. Maybe you want to control menus with an analog stick. Maybe you want to detect a tap or double-tap of the analog stick. Or, as is the focus of this article, maybe you want to fire a bullet with […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – July 20, 2016

Here’s the latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter! Launch Time INVERSUS launches on August 16th for $14.99 on PlayStation 4 and Steam! That’s like, crazy soon! On top of that, if you’re waiting for the Steam version and just can’t wait one second more to get invested, you can pre-order now for 10% off at inversusgame.com or […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – June 1, 2016

Another edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter is out! IndieCade @ E3 showcase E3 is as big as it gets when it comes to game conventions and INVERSUS will be joining the party. Chosen from hundreds of applicants, the it is part of the IndieCade showcase. I’ll be flying down to Los Angeles to demo the game […]

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INVERSUS Newsletter – March 30, 2016

The latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter has hit the shelves. Online Multiplayer Everyone has been asking for it, and I’m excited to say that INVERSUS is going to ship with online multiplayer! You no longer need a group of friends on the couch to play competitively. Even more exciting, I’ve already got the core […]

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Interpreting Analog Sticks

When a game supports controllers, the player is likely using an analog stick at all times. Nailing the input processing can have a substantial impact on quality throughout the experience. Let’s walk through some core concepts along with examples from INVERSUS. Inspection Before tuning the analog stick, you need to know how it works. What is the hardware […]