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INVERSUS Newsletter – June 1, 2016

Another edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter is out!

IndieCade @ E3 showcase

E3 is as big as it gets when it comes to game conventions and INVERSUS will be joining the party. Chosen from hundreds of applicants, the it is part of the IndieCade showcase. I’ll be flying down to Los Angeles to demo the game each day alongside a TV, four controllers and a couch. If you’re attending E3, I look forward to seeing you!


What if you are in Los Angeles, but don’t have an E3 badge? I’ve got you covered. INVERSUS will be freely playable for the public on Thursday June 16. The folks over at Indie MEGABOOTH will have a trailer set up just across the street from the convention in the Devolver Digital area. There are new games on display each day and you can check out the full schedule here.

BIG Festival 2016

I’ve shown the game all over the U.S. and it’s time to let it explore more of the world. From June 25th through July 3rd, INVERSUS will be showcased at the CCSP in São Paulo as part of Brazil’s Independent Games Festival. It’s also up for the Innovation award! I won’t be able to personally attend, but if any of you are there, be sure to tweet me some pictures!

MomoCon Winner

Just this past weekend INVERSUS was one of the five winners in the Indie Game Award Showcase at MomoCon. While I was here in Washington trying to finish up the game, judges from Kotaku, Destructoid, Geek & Sundry, and Vlambeer had a great time playing it. I’m flattered and will be making time to visit MomoCon next year!

The Game

We’re pretty deep into this thing and I haven’t even talked about the game itself.

If you follow @InversusGame on twitter, you’re well aware that I’ve been heads down in online multiplayer tech. I’m happy to say that the forecast is clear and sunny. Check out this online co-op! With the help of friends in Germany and Japan, I’ve been stress testing worst case lag scenarios. Week by week the experience is getting smoother. It’s finally fun from opposite sides of the world which is a huge feat given how fast paced and twitchy the gameplay is. While Mr. Physics and his so-called “speed of light,” won’t let it be perfect, by improving the worst case, I’ve made the average case hard to discern from a local match.

I’ve also been making a bunch of targeted adjustments to polish the core game. Maps are getting final tweaks. Particles are being added. Sounds effects are being punched up. Readability is being improved with enemies highlighting the board red in areas they might smash. And on and on.

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