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INVERSUS Newsletter – Sep 16, 2016

Here’s the latest edition of the INVERSUS Newsletter!

Lots of new features. Lots.

INVERSUS has bee getting a steady stream of patches since it launched one month ago. Today marks the release of 1.2.0 on Steam. So what’s all this new stuff?

Let’s start out with the 1.1.0 update that hit Steam and PS4 a couple weeks back:

  • A brand new seventh arcade map was added.
  • Players can now play single player arcade games while waiting for an online match. After the online battle is over, the single player arcade game is restored right where you left it!
  • Improved world wide matchmaking.

Now for today’s update (out on PC and coming to PS4 soon):

  • INVERSUS isn’t just black and white anymore. 45 unlockable color palettes are now in game! Choose the ones you like and the game will randomly shuffle between them every match.
  • Online gameplay gets more social with over 250 unlockable emotes! Equip up to four at a time and express your joy or disappointment between rounds.
  • Experience levels are tracked for arcade and versus mode. Level up by completing matches, winning games online and earning high scores. Your level is advertised in online lobbies and each level gained guarantees an unlocked emote or color after that match (unlocks are otherwise randomly awarded per match).
  • New leaderboards for versus levels, arcade level, and number of games won online.
  • Improved public matchmaking allows solo players to search across all game modes at the same time!

Showing to the World

Being part of the PAX10 at the start of the month went great. Check out that picture to the right of INVERSUS being played in the Omegathon!

INVERSUS was also recently in Busan, South Korea as part of BICFest. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go.

It would have been great to go to Tokyo Game Show this past week. If only I had known all the top PS4 players would be from Japan!

There are some more show dates forthcoming that I can’t announce yet so keep an eye out on twitter and elsewhere. (I try not to spam this list with small details).


You can now buy 4 Steam keys for the price of 3 over at If you’re looking to hop online with a group of friends, this the best way to get in.

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