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Hyperbot: Making a Discord bot for INVERSUS

The official INVERSUS Discord server (found at discord.gg/inversus) has grown to house an active community of both veteran and new players. Creating the community was my first introduction to Discord and I quickly came to see the advantages of having a bot to help automate common questions and needs. I first searched for an existing bot to integrate with the INVERSUS server, but nothing was very focused on being build around the community for a competitive game. I wanted features such as players positing invitations to their private lobby by typing !inviteĀ or having the bot automatically let everything know when a new high score was reached on the leaderboards. Thus, once I got the time to learn a bit about node.js and the Discord API, I went ahead and build my own bot, named Hyperbot, that I could add to over time.

Putting Hyperbot on your Discord server

If you are in a similar position and want a reference bot to start from or just want to boot up Hyperbot as is, you can find the latest code and documentation on the full feature set on GitHub atĀ https://github.com/hypersect/hyperbot

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